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  • hyperflier — (HY.pur.fly.ur) n. A person who travels very frequently, especially for business. adj. Example Citation: Hyperfliers can be identified by pallid complexion, red, watery eyes and a crease in their stomach from having a laptop crushed into their… …   New words

  • Aviation — aerotropolis air rage bagonize birdcage chemtrail cumulo granite economy class syndrome fly in commu …   New words

  • air rage — (AYR rayj) n. An airline passenger s physical or verbal assault of crew members or other passengers. Example Citation: Three [passengers] helped to pin down and handcuff [another passenger] after he threatened to kill the pilot and headbutt a… …   New words

  • economy class syndrome — (i.CON.uh.mee clas sin.drum, drohm) n. A form of phlebitis in which a blood clot forms in the lower leg after prolonged immobility in a cramped space. Example Citation: In fact, phlebitis is quite common, the result of immobility because of an… …   New words

  • flyover country — (FLY.oh.vur kun.tree) n. Pejorative nickname for middle America, most often used by people on the east or west coast. Also: fly over country. Example Citation: As the Clinton White House took on the appearance of the Playboy Mansion East, it… …   New words

  • hypermiler — n. A person who attempts to maximize gas mileage by using driving techniques that conserve fuel. hypermiling pp. hypermile adj. Example Citations: She accelerates gently when the light turns green, and coasts down hills to save gas. On highways,… …   New words

  • jetiquette — (JET.uh.kuht, ket) n. The rules or norms that govern correct or polite behavior while on board an airplane. Example Citation: British Airways wants to make flying a more relaxing experience and has produced a good manners guide called Jetiquette …   New words

  • mileage millionaire — n. A person who has collected at least one million miles with a single airline s frequent flier program. Example Citation: When you have accumulated 1 million miles you qualify for life membership at the first tier Silver Medallion level with… …   New words

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